Fund Fuego Games

Fuego Games is soliciting donations of any size.  We strongly believe that the collaborative game library Fuego Games is creating will be a valuable asset for years to come.  In order to be able to offer Summer jobs, we will require additional funding to what we currently make on ad revenue.  We have created these summer positions in hopes of working towards our game library expansion and algorithm improvment goals for Fuego Games. We have created some incentives for funding which you can see below:

  • Give $5 and get your name on the Fuego Games credits

  • Give $100 and add your house rules to a game!

  • Give $1,000 and have your company name & logo listed as a sponsor on our website and app footer (forever!)

  • Give $5,000 and have your company name, logo, and any other short text listed on your choice of the home page, game search page, or every game page, as well as on the footer (forever!).