5 to 25 minutes

Zip Zap Zop DRINK

4 to 20 players


A concentration based game that will frustrate the spacey drunk and thrill the focused!


A player will volunteer to start by putting their hand flat on their head and saying “Zip”. The “pulse” will go from the starter in the directions the fingers point (on a right hand the fingers point left.. Using your left hand your fingers point right).

The next person to receive the “pulse” must pass it by placing their flat hand under their chin and saying “Zap”, the pulse goes in the direction their fingers point.

The third person to receive the pulse must clap together both their hands, while saying “Zop”, sending the “pulse” to the person to whom their fingers on their clapped hands point. This person now starts the pulse again by placing their hand on top of their head and saying “Zip”. This cycle repeats itself.

If a participant messes up, they sip a beverage of their choice.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games