5 to 25 minutes

Silent Football

4 to 10 players


This ridiculous game has nothing to do with football and is best played with a goofy crowd that’s ready to be engaged in the weirdness


One person starts as the game master. They’re allowed to talk to answer questions and enforce the rules. The rules are as follows:

1. The Game master will start by putting their hand flat on their head the “pulse” will go from the game master in the directions the fingers point (on a right hand the fingers point left.. Using your left hand your fingers point right).
2. The next person to receive the “pulse” must pass it by placing their flat hand under their chin, passing the pulse in the direction their fingers point.
3. The third person to receive the pulse must clap together both their hands, sending the “pulse” to the person whom their fingers on their clapped hands point to. This person now starts the pulse again by placing their hand on top of their head. This cycle repeats itself.
4. There is no talking at any time except the game master and once the game master has addressed a player. A player must get the game master’s attention by saying “sir master Game Master Sir”.
5. No players including the game master can show their teeth at any time including when they’re talking.

If a player violates any of the above rules they will get a point. Once a player reaches ten points they are eliminated. The last player remaining is the winner.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games