5 to 25 minutes

Secret Sign

6 to 14 players


A stealthy game for medium-sized groups! Get ready to be sneaky and observant.


Players stand in a circle and choose a "sign" (a hand signal, nod, wink, etc.). Players will then choose one person to start. They will pass the sign to another player by making eye contact and doing the sign. Once they have passed the sign, they will stand in the middle, close their eyes and count to ten. While this person is in the middle, with their eyes closed, players on the circle will continue to pass the sign. After the person in the middle opens their eyes, the sign must continue to be passed. They may guess who has the sign every 15 seconds. If they guess correctly the person who had the sign is now it. It is the players on the outside's goal to keep the other player in the middle, as long as possible. It is the player in the middles objective to guess who has the sign as fast as possible.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games