15 to 60 minutes

Salad Bowl

6 to 20 players


This lively charades like game will get the whole family thinking, writing, and laughing together.


Setup: Cut out at least 20 small scraps of paper (more for more players). Have each player take multiple (2-4) scraps of paper and write any noun (or proper noun) that everyone playing will know. Players will not show other players the noun they write and place it in the salad bowl. Once the salad bowl has many nouns in it (at least two for every player) divide up into two roughly evenly sized teams.

The team with the youngest player will start. They will select someone to be the first “reader”. The reader will have one minute to pick papers from the salad bowl. During this first round, they can talk as much as they want but cannot say the actual word until their team guesses correctly. They will put correctly guessed words to the side and unguessed ones back in the salad bowl. After one minute is up the salad bowl goes to the other team. The other team will do the same thing for a minute. After the second team has a minute with the salad bowl, the first team will get it back and must select a different reader. This continues until all the words are removed from the salad bowl. Each word that a team set aside (successfully guessed) is one point for that team. After points are totaled for this first round, all the papers are put back in the salad bowl. This continues for two more rounds.

In the second round the reader must remain silent and can only act out each word. Points are calculated the same as in the first round where each word a team guesses equates to one point.

In the third round the reader gets one word and may make facial expressions to get their team to guess the word. Each word is once again worth one point.

The team with the most points after all three rounds is the winner!

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