5 to 20 minutes

Rage Cage

5 to 15 players


Also known as stack cup this high energy game will test your coordination and is sure to be a hit!


Setup: Fill a lot of cups (the more the better) at least a third full of a beverage of your choosing and place them in the middle of a table. Fill one cup up a LOT more… This is the bitch cup. Gather players around the table. Place a ping pong ball in the hands of two players at opposite ends of the table.

Starting the game: The two players with ping pong balls will grab a cup from the center, drink it and begin trying to bounce their ping pong ball into the cup.

Playing the game: When a player successfully bounces a ball into a cup they pass the ball and cup to the right. The player that receives the ball and cup will immediately begin trying to bounce the ball into the cup. If a player goes to pass a ball and cup to their right but the player to their right already has a ball and cup, the player passing the cup can stack their cup inside the other player's cup. The player who was just stacked on passes the stack and a ball to their right. They then take a cup and drink it. Once finished drinking the cup, they will begin trying to bounce a ball into it. This continues until all cups are gone.

Additional rules:
- If a player bounces the ball in on their first try, instead of passing the cup to their right, they can pass it to anyone around the table.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games