10 to 30 minutes


4 to 14 players


A group classic requiring a talented storyteller.


A storyteller is chosen, this person must have a firm grasp of the rules. The storyteller will explain to all participants that one tap means mafia, two taps means detective, three taps means doctor.

The storyteller will tell everyone to go to sleep (close their eyes and put their heads down) and select mafia(s), a doctor, and a detective by tapping players the correct number of times. The storyteller says “detective wakeup”, at which point the detective will wake up and point to someone. If the detective points to the mafia, the storyteller nods their head, if the detective points to anyone who is not the mafia the storyteller shakes their head. The storyteller will then instruct the detective to go back to sleep. The storyteller will then tell the Mafia to wake up and point to someone to murder. The detective will acknowledge the mafia, and then tell the Mafia to go to sleep. The storyteller will then tell the doctor to wake up. The doctor will then “save someone” by pointing to them. The storyteller will acknowledge the doctor and tell them to go back to sleep. The storyteller will then instruct everyone to wake up. The storyteller will explain the events of the previous night. Those who were killed must leave the game. Once the players all hear the story (without names of anyone but the murdered) they may vote to hang someone who they believe is the mafia.

The game ends when the mafia kills everyone, or the mafia is eliminated.

For 4-5 players play with one mafia and one detective, for 6-9 play with 2 mafias, one detective, and one doctor. For 10+ players, play with three mafia, one detective, and two doctors.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games