15 to 25 minutes

Kings Cup

3 to 10 players


A classic game for guaranteed fun. Draw a card and follow the rule associated with it.


Place a cup down and fan a deck of cards around it. Stand in a circle around the cup and have one person draw a card at a time. Each card has a special rule associated with it.

They are as follows:
2 is you (pick someone to drink), 3 is me (you drink), 4 is lords (guys drink), 5 drive, 6 is chicks (girls drink), 7 is heaven (point to the sky, last person to do so drinks), 8 is mate (pick someone to drink with you whenever you drink for the rest of the game), 9 is rhyme (pick a word as the start rhyme. Go around in a circle, whoever is stumped or repeats a word drinks), 10 is categories (pick a category, go around in a circle until someone cannot name something in the category or a word is repeated. That person drinks), Jack is rule (come up with a rule, whoever break the rule subsequently will have to drink), Queen is question master (If anyone answers a question by the person who also drew a queen they must drink), King is King’s Cup (pour part of your drink into the kings cup, whoever draws the last king loses and has to drink the cup), and Ace is waterfall (Everyone starts drinking, you may not stop until the person next you stops).

Submitted by:

Fuego Games