10 to 30 minutes

Ibble Dibble

4 to 10 players


A goofy game from the TV show "The crown" that will have everyone laughing and a little bit messy.


Players sit in a circle and count off so that everyone has a number. Player one starts. They say “Number one Ibble Dibble with no Dibble Ibbles calls on Ibble Dibble number __ with no dibble ibbles.” the player number the ibble dibble one just said would then have to speak up and say “Ibble dibble number __ with no dibble ibbles calls on ibble dibble number __ with no dibble ibbles”. When a player messes up and says something wrong, they must light the cork on fire till it chars, blows it out, and give themselves a char mark on their face. This char mark is a dibble ibble.

Players must refer to an ibble dibble by stating their number and then stating the correct number of dibble ibbles that the player has. For example let's say player one has 4 char marks and player 3 has 2 char marks on their face. If it were player one's turn they would say “ibble dibble number one with four dibble ibbles calls on ibble dibble number three with two dibble ibbles.” Ibble dibble three would then call on another ibble dibble.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games