5 to 25 minutes

How's Yours?

3 to 10 players


This guessing game is similar to 20 questions but with a twist


One player is nominated as the guesser. This player must separate themselves from the group so they cannot hear their discussion. The group discusses and agrees upon an item that they all have (a couch, cell phone, etc.). The guesser comes back in and may ask any player the question “How’s yours”? Players must answer and describe their item. The guesser then gets one guess as to what the item is. If the guesser is incorrect they may ask another player or the same player the question “How’s yours?”. Players may not repeat or mimic a previous player's description. When the guesser gets the item, the person who gave the description the guesser got theirs off of is the new guesser.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games