10 to 30 minutes


4 to 8 players


This unusual word game is also known as "balderdash" draws smiles from all ages and teaches everyone obscure words.


Setup: Choose one person to be the moderator, they will be in charge of running the game.

Starting the game: The moderator will look through a dictionary and choose an obscure word that they suspect no one will know the definition of. The moderator will then write the word down and show all the participants. Participants will write down a made-up definition for the word and hand it to the moderator. The moderator will read through the definitions and assuming none of them match the dictionary definition will also write in the actual definition. If a player writes the correct definition the moderator will write a fake definition.

Playing the game: The moderator will read all the definitions out loud. Players will vote on which one they believe is the correct definition. Scoring works as follows:
- 3 points for writing the correct definition.
- 2 points for guessing the correct definition.
- 1 point for other players guessing that your definition is correct.

The team with the most points at the end of the round wins the round. This game may also be played to 20 points.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games