10 to 20 minutes

Egyptian Rat Screw

2 to 5 players


Test you and your friend's reflexes by slapping on different card combinations


Divide the cards among everyone playing. Each player’s deck is kept face down. Players draw clockwise from the top of their deck and then place cards in a pile. When a match is found, players slap. First to slap gets to put the pile at the bottom of their deck. The first player with all the cards wins.

A match includes: doubles or two cards of the same value, sandwiches or two cards of the same value with a different card in-between, top-bottoms or the top and bottom cards have the same value, marriages or a king and a queen, 10s or two cards that add up to ten including ace and nine. If you slap on the pile and there is no match you have to burn a card to the bottom of the pile.

The only other way to get the pile is with endgames. The face cards are endgames. When a face card is playing the next player has to play the corresponding number of cards. Ace corresponds to 4 cards, King 3, Queen 2, and Jack 1. The only way to stop an endgame is to slap a match or play another face card.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games