5 to 10 minutes

Don't Crush the egg

2 players.


A twist on a stupid game that created its Instagram and tik tok trend! #Fuego Games!


Two players sit on opposite sides of a table facing each other. Between them is an egg (or ping pong ball) with a small Tupperware or cup over it. Players go back and forth tapping the Tupperware. A player can be sneaky and attempt to remove it. If they do that the other player must tap next to the egg and gets one point. The gameplay continues, with players alternating tapping the top of the Tupperware or cup until one player pulls the Tupperware and the other player breaks the egg or hits the ping pong ball. The player who pulled the Tupperware/cup gets one point. The player with the most points now wins

Submitted by:

Fuego Games