15 to 45 minutes


3 to 8 players


This word based game is sure to be a hit on long road trips!


One player (the word keeper) chooses a word that all players should know. The word keeper will tell the remaining players (the guessers) the first letter of their word.

The guessers will think of words that start with that letter. Once a guesser thinks of a word that starts with that letter, they will describe it until another guesser believes they know the word, which they will express by saying “contact”. The two guessers will then count down from three out loud and say the word they believe the other guesser is thinking of. If they say the same word the word keeper must give them the next letter in the word.

The word keeper may, however, defend their word by saying “not…” any word that they say “not …” cannot be used to get more letters. The game ends when the guessers get all the letters or guess the word. The word keeper wins if the guessers give up.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games