5 to 15 minutes

Civil War

6 players.


This pong like game will get your heart racing with its fast-paced and fun nature!


Setup: Players break into two teams of three players. Each player will set up a triangle of 6 cups (3 in the back 2 in the middle 1 in front) in front of them and pour a beverage of choice inside. Two players from each team will start with a ping pong ball.

Playing the game: Players will start shooting their balls into the opposing teams' cups, any player may shoot into any cup at any time. If a ball lands in your cup, you must drink the cup and remove it before shooting, however, you may hand off the ball to a teammate. Once all the cups in front of a player are gone, the player is eliminated. A player may also be eliminated if two balls land in one of their cups (drink them fast). An eliminated player may now pick up ground balls on their side and hand them to their teammates to shoot.

The game ends when all players on one side are eliminated. The team with the remaining players is the winner!

Submitted by:

Fuego Games