5 to 30 minutes


6 to 24 players


A game of sleuthing, winking, and deception. Watchout...


Take a deck of cards and pull out as many cards as people playing. Ensure there is exactly one ace (two if there are over 12 players) in the cards that you pull out. Have all players sit in a circle, shuffle the cards and deal them out. Whoever picks the ace is the "assassin". The assassin will look around at people who attempt to "kill" players by winking at them. If a player is winked at they must wait ten seconds and fake a dramatic death to show that you are out. If a player believes they see the assassin, they must say "I declare ___ is the assassin". The player who is called out must flip their card, if it's an ace they lose. If it's any card but an ace the accuser must leave the game. The game continues until the assassin is outed or wins by killing everyone.

Submitted by:

Fuego Games