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What's the deal with Fuego?

Fuego is a rapidly developing app that is currently only available in web and mobile-optimized web format.  We have a myriad of projects which we are constantly working to keep improving the Fuego platform.  An IOS app will be available for beta testing by the end of January.  Please signup for our email list to ensure that you will be one of the first to be able to use and test it!  Want to helpout?


Fuego Games Search

Fuego games unique and exclusive search feature allows users to search for games based on player count, duration, and setting.  Fuego orders the results based on the uniqueness of the game and your predicted enjoyment of the game.  A group of 5 games is selected to display as your Fuego games. Try it now!

Adding Fuego Games

Fuego is based on an ever-expanding library of games.  We rely on users to keep suggesting games to keep Fuego interesting for everyone! To enable this we have made it easy to submit new games to Fuego, simply visit our "Suggest a Game" page.


Developing Fuego 

Fuego is a development project currently underway by Cornell Students Jack Merrill, and Diego Virtue.  Fuego is a startup passionate about the environment, learning, and young entrepeurship. 

The Future of Fuego

Fuego games is currently just a small app and website but we hope to expand!  Our two areas of focus are our game library and our game suggestion algorithm.

Our game library is currently small (less than 100 games) but it is growing daily.  We hope to employ college students to add games as well as offer financial rewards for adding top-rated games!

Our algorithm for displaying a selection of 5 games is currently very simple.  We believe that we can strongly enhance the user experience by creating a more advanced algorithm to suggest games.  We have a multi-faceted approach that we are constantly revising to achieve this:

  • User accounts with stats such as age and gender.

  • A rating system for games that will be tied to both the user account and the game

  • A game comparison system which will look at game structure data as well as game rating data to identify similar games.

Think about Tik Tok.  It would be a very boring app if it showed you a random collection of videos.  With their algorithm, it is an extremely addictive app that is able to show videos that immediately hook users in.  That's the hope for Fuego Games, we want to build an algorithm that can suggest games that users will love!  Let's get off our smartphones and start playing games with our friends and family!

Since Fuego Games was founded, developed, and is run by college students, its work schedule is opposite that of classes.  The first published version of Fuego Games was released at the end of January (winter break).  Over the Semester, the hope is for Fuego Games to gain an active user base, which will be slightly monetized with google adsense on the website.  Over the summer break, our goal is to employ a team of around ten college students to add to the game library, develop the algorithm, and further monetize users.

Fuego Games is currently seeking funding to ensure its ability to employ students over the summer and do some limited advertising.  Please consider contributing to the first collaborative game library.  You may view our funding incentives here.