Fuego Games


Fuego is a free collaborative game library.  Although Fuego is just starting, we have big plans.  Our goal is to grow Fuego Game's user base to 10,000 users by June 1, 2021.  Coming the summer of 2021 we plan to use ad revenue and crowdsourced funding to expand our team and make Fuego Games a shared, cherished, and valuable resource.  Fuego Games is a first in class collaborative game library with games for people of all ages.  We believe that Fuego Games has the ability to bring people together and hold a unique collection of games found nowhere else.

We recognize that these are lofty ambitions, but with the support of friends, family, and game lovers, we strongly believe that this vision is possible.

Fuego Games was founded by college students and is still 100% student-run and managed.  Interested in a position at Fuego Games? We need hard workers, apply now!